Ramin Dowel - 2.4Mt x 15mm - (DOW2004)

Ramin Dowel - 2.4Mt x 15mm - (DOW2004)

Ramin Dowel - 2.4Mt x 15mm - (DOW2004)

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Ramin Dowel - 2.4Mt x 15mm - (FB154)

Dowels provide joints in timber which are strong and accurate, with no need for screws or nails. Joints created with dowels and an adhesive will not slip, and they are quick and easy to prepare and assemble.

Dowel joints are one of the strongest woodworking joints, and they are perfect for the construction of cabinets, wooden shelves and racks, picture and door frames, and attaching table and chair legs.

This length of dowel is made from the robust hardwood Ramin, and measures 2.4Mt x 15mm.

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